07 April 2010

HD Makeup

With more and more channels airing their shows in high definition and Bluray DVD players becoming more and more prevalent in homes it is inevitable that actors and nearly all TV personnel are going to have to wear makeup. All imperfections are going to be magnified, each pore clearly defined; high definition television can make even the prettiest faces look scary. Beautiful celebs that many of us look up and idolize are being bashed for their HD imperfections. To keep up with the trend and cash in on these mishaps, makeup companies are featuring products intended for these high-def situations.

Make Up Forever is by far the most famous for their high definition makeup line. With products such as Mircoperfecting Primer, Invisible Coverage Foundation, Mircofinish Blush, Microfinish Powder, Elixir and even "high definition" brushes, Make Up Forever claims to leave your complexion with such a flawless finish, it can withstand bright or harsh lighting. Even the very popular drug-store brand, Revlon,  has begun to cash in on the new trend, they have very recently created "photo ready" products that claim to create a flawless face in all lighting. It is import that these companies make products accessible to the general public because even our home video cameras are being equipped with HD functions. Makeup that is not intended for high def could actually make your skin look worse, it is the silicone in HD foundation that gives it its power. The silicone helps to absorb your skins natural oils and fills in small lines. HD makeup should also be matte and free from all glitters and shimmers.

Cosmetic companies are changing the faces we see every day, the celebrities that we look up to are more beautiful than ever and even the local business owner acting in his own commercial has a face for TV. Makeup will soon change our perceptions of everyone.
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