22 March 2010

Chanel's Skin Art

This past weekend was the Cigar City Tattoo Convention in Ybor City. A good friend of mine traveled to Tampa to represent his tattoo shop from San Fransisco. In line with this event, completely coinsidently, Chanel also released their much anticipated Les Trompe L'oeil temporary tattoos.

I absolutely love the idea of tattoos and I think most people's are beautiful, I have just never had the ability to commit to something so permanent. Tattoo artwork is the most powerful form of self expression, and a wonderful way to define your identity. Everything that we hope to accomplish with makeup could be done the same with a personal tattoo. Chanel's temporary tattoos are a bit extreme, in my opinion. They are priced at $75 for fifty-five tattoos, but I'm sure we all realize that we are paying for those coveted "C's". An ordinary pack of 55 tattoos would be no more than $5. The idea that this beautiful design would just wash off after one day of use seems shameful. I find the idea kind of revolutionary; a well respected, relatively conservative name brand is promoting body modifications. In my opinion, this is huge. I have had many conversations with people about tattoos in my generation and how it will be common for grandparents to have chest pieces and full sleeves in fifty years. I think that Chanel is recognizing this change and cashing in on the idea tattoos are a familiar sight within their demographic.

I think such a highly regarded brand name was taking on a big risk in promoting this body art. Though it is common younger generations, older generations (usually the ones with all of the money :P) are not fond of tattoos to say the least. It could be detrimental to their spring fashion line when the models walk the runway sporting chains down their legs. Chanel made a bold move and it wont be long until critics jump on this fad.


  1. I actually went to the Cigar City Tattoo convention to promote a friend of mines convention coming up in May in Orlando. I agree that it is unprecedented for such a conservative company to be promoting something that isn't completely socially overlooked as being wrong. I think its great though. I personally am a fan of tattoos and always compliment their owners every time I see one I like. I myself do not have tattoos, though I want some, and cannot understand people that would pay so much money for things that superficial and temporary. This has got to be a little extreme(not as extreme as the Chanel face branding). I really wonder what new outrageous thing Chanel will come out with next.

  2. For a while I was dead set on getting a tattoo. But then I realized that the second I had decided on the perfect design and got inked, who I was as a person would be different, and this permanent mark would no longer be perfect. So temporary tattoos are a great way to go. hopefully somebody will start mass marketing them cheaply so we can all get in on the action.

  3. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,


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