31 March 2010

Spoting Fake Cosmetics

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. In attempt to save money on my "habit" I began to check for my must have products on eBay. Type "MAC eyeshadow" in to the search box and you will be surprised at what you find. Seven pigments for $12.99 when they are priced $19.99 EACH at the store and on the website? A tweleve color eyeshadow pallet for $13.50? MAC does not even make a twelve shadow pallet, and never has. A MAC Pro 120 pallet, currently up for auction at $41.50 with EVELEN bids? These eyeshadows sell for $14.50 a piece, we all want to believe we could have 120 shadows for forty bucks but it just isn't going to happen.

Most of us think that counterfiets are only something to look out for with high end designer purses and accessories, but it seems that the fraudulent cosmetics industry is booming. I honestly cannot imagine a factory set out to print fraudlent lables and nearly identical packaging  to sell a jar of pigment for less than two dollars, but obviously it is happening. This seems like a harmless endevor but a matter of health comes in to play. With these counterfiet goods you have no way of knowing where they have been, what types of chemicals have been used or if the product is safe. Applying something directly to my face that could be harmful is not on my agenda.

An article by Lucinda Mendel goes as far to say that by buying these products we could be "funding terrorism and organized crime". She discusses the conditions of the factories that may produse counterfiet beauty products and the idea that children may be exploited in doing so.

In order to save money on our favorite brands and not exploit our foreign brothers, I have looked in to alternative methods of bargain shopping. A website that I have come across that I see as a God send for the makeup lovers is Makeup Alley. You are able to create an account and list all of the makeup items that you do not currently use, or maybe have multiples of, and also make a list of the items that you wish to have. Others MUA members will match their swap items to your wish list items and the two of you make plans to do a swap. You are awarded tokens, similar to eBay's feedback that allows other swappers to see that you are a trusty swapper. There are also blog sales held where your favorite bloggers put their old or unused makeup up for sale on their blog often for very low prices.
I leave you with the hope that you stay thoughtful about buying cosmetics online. Keep in mind the idea that a very low price may come at a very high cost. Check out alternatives to eBay, like Makeup Alley and blog sales, there are ways to be price savvy while staying safe.

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  1. I completely understand what you mean.
    Make up is so expensive, but you just gotta have it.
    Got some benefit stuff, but not from hong kong where there most likely fakes, hope there real there feel pretty genuine.
    But i guess when its ebay you never really know.
    I love makeup alley too, could not live without it :) xxx


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