11 February 2010

MAC's Release: Viva Glam Gaga

The beauty of MAC Cosmetics is their product launches and fabulous limited edition items. Today marks the release of their new Viva Glam spokes women, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper. The Viva Glam sector of MAC, is actually a very commendable one. This foundation sells lipstick in which 100% of the proceeds goes to the research of HIV and AIDS.

Would I buy a lipstick buy MAC? Definitely.
Would I buy a lipstick that Lady Gaga promotes? Definitely.
Would I buy a lipstick to raise money for HIV and AIDS? Absolutely.
Is there any doubt that I will be going to the mall tonight and buying as many of this puppies that I can afford? Nope.

It beyond excites me that my celebrity idol is teaming up with my favorite make up company to produce a product that will be raising money for charity. I am seriously in make up heaven at the moment.


  1. AMAZING. next pay check, i'm there. and also picking up the alice in wonderland eye shadows. cant freaking wait!
    im glad the money is going towards a charity that desperately needs it. AIDS, along with cancer is something that we shouldn't be dealing with anymore.
    we can land on the moon, we can create faster and smaller computer processors everyday, we can split an atom... but still, people have cancer-few with cures or treatments, and my favorite-are contracting AIDS at ridiculous rates.

  2. i went to mac this weekend and saw. then i fell in love. its the prettiest pale pink. its deinfately on my wish list. :)

  3. ahhhhhh I need to get those lipsticks. xx

  4. I had not idea about this! Thank you for your posts. I am so excited to get these lipsticks now. I especially love that money is being donated to HIV/AIDS. I did an HIV/AIDS Benefit concert when I was 17 and it was a great hit!

  5. Even though I'm not a Gaga fan, it does sound and look lovely. Please follow me back :) X

  6. I think that it is great that a major company such as MAC and a hot celeb teamed up to help others out. Neither of these NEED the money, they are doing it because they enjoy helping others.


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