16 February 2010

Product Review: LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar

Another long week has come to an end. As promised, I stopped in to Lush to find a new product to test and review (such a hassle , I might add :P). The sales girls were really on their game this round, and though I insisted I was in a rush and only had enough money for one item I was shown just about every product in the store. One of the girls was shocked that I had never tried The Comforter bubble bar and decided for me that I would be purchasing one. So, I did.

I was not thrilled when I was prompted to pay $9.00 for one item but the girl ensured me that she usually got about four baths out of one bar That was all the persuasion I needed for this hot pink, candy scented gem. Bubble bars are an interesting invention. They are solid, chalky and crumbly, yet some how are said to color the water, fill the room with fragrance and provide mounds of white bubbles. Needless to say, I was curious as to see how this would turn out.

Lush's descriptions are wordy and uninformative to say the least, but here it goes:
This pink and white swirly bar resembles a rolled up scarf, ready to wrap you in warmth and comfort. The fruity blackcurrant fragrance comes from cassis absolute; we love this delicious scent so much we put it in You Snap the Whip (our scrubby Body Butter), Sweetie Pie shower jelly and of course the Comforter solid perfume. Inhale it and it feels like you're getting a big, yummy hug. This one is big enough to be broken in half for two baths.
 I'm not sure what blackcurrant smells of, but The Comforter smells of licorice and bubble gum. I would normally cower at the thought of such a smell, but this is actually rather nice. The licorice scent cuts the "sickening" out of the sickeningly-sweet bubble gum. I used less than a fourth of the bar for one bath (this thing was huge) and, as I was prompted, crumbled the pieces under warm running water. Just as I was promised, the water turned a vibrant hot pink under gobs of bright white bubbles. The scent is so light in the water that it is hard to smell it at all, which was a bit disappointing. I was ecstatic about this bath, and thought I had found the Lush item of a life time when I started to realize that the bubbles were all starting to fade away. Seriously, after 10 minutes there were NO bubbles in the entire tub. The girl at Lush told me this may happen and she said that the bubbles were activated by the motion of the water, and though I may feel silly doing so, I should splash the water around a bit and I would be surrounded in bubbles once again. Well, I splashed about and nothing happened. No bubbles reappeared. I was beyond disappointed. I am chalking this up to the fact that I used half of the recommended dose (the website does call for half a bar). For my next bath I will use the proper amount and hope that my bath stays full of bubbles. Until then, I will say the gorgeous pink water, and sweet scent just wont hold up against the bubble dilemma.


  1. This review made me laugh. I have never heard about this product, but I was immediately interested upon reading. The idea of the hot pink water appeals to me but I'm sorry to hear the bubbles didnt stay. Even if you didn't use the recomended does, $9 for 2 uses is a bit crazy.

  2. I'm so sad the bubbles didn't stay. That's the best part (after the hot pink water, of course)! Not so sure about the licorice scent. But hey, if it's at all relaxing, I'd give it a try.

  3. I was strolling the blogs this week and found this one interesting enough to read it. I had never heard of a bubble bath bar and can't say I take too many myself. However, the thought of a scented bar that also provides a scented room, could be nice. Coming from a man's prospective, any time your woman smells of something sweet is a good thing. I do agree that paying $9 dollars does sound a little crazy but could be used for special occasions seems more realistic rather than regularly.


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