09 February 2010

Product Review: LUSH Sakura Bath Bomb

I work 30 hours in three days. Because of my school schedule I am only available on the weekends, Friday through Sunday. Now, it may just be me but I am in immense pain by Sunday night, like, I can barely get to the top of the stairs in time to fall on to the couch. So, what's a girl to do? I take a Lush Bath, of course. Now, it is definitely a "Lush Bath" because this is an experience. I fork over approximately $5.00 to soak in colored, silky, scented water and I am not ashamed. This past Sunday I had the luxury of using a Sakura Bath Bomb from Lush.

Lush's description of the product: "In Japanese, Sakura means Cherry Blossom, the gorgeous white and pink flowers that bloom for just a brief period of time in the Spring. Relax into the warm water as the pretty pink and blue sea salts dissolve just like your cares. Imagine cherry blossoms softly falling as you inhale the fragrance of jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom (what we think Cherry Blossoms should smell like). You'll feel as beautiful as the transient blossoms."

When you drop this 6 ounce "bath bomb" in to the water it will immediately begin fizzing up and dissolving (think alkaseltzer) and creating a cloud of cotton candy pink. The scent is really nice and soft; I would say the smell is mature, floral and clean. Overall, I find bath bombs my least favorite if Lush's bath products only because the fizzing lasts a mere thirty seconds and the water is never as vibrant as the product itself. When the Sakura bomb is fully dissolved the water is a very pale pink color, it almost looks a bit dirty if you ask me. The smell is really nice and lingered on my skin for a while, the sea salt also made my skin feel soft.

At $5.95 a piece I will probably not be repurchasing this item. The smell alone does not make up for the mediocrity of the rest. I will test drive a new bath product next weekend. Onward.


  1. Lush is amazing, and if my apartment didn't suck, I would totally give this a shot.

    Still, Lush is pretty expensive, so I'm glad that someone's willing to review and tell :) I've been meaning to getting around to trying one of their soaps for quite some time.

  2. I have tried several of the lush soaps, but bath bombs were never really my thing. I have to say, though, that everything there smells absolutely wonderful. I would like to make some recommendations: of couse their signature scent karma, but if you are looking for something less pricey, try the porridge. It smells good enough to eat.


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